I know this website hasn’t been around for long, but I’m already making a major change to it. I decided to host it on GitHub Pages instead, rather than WordPress. WordPress was working fine, but I decided to make the move for one major reason: time. I haven’t been able to work on tutorials at all since the summer; school has taken away that time from me. So, with GitHub Pages, others can submit pull requests for tutorials and I can look them over, make some edits (maybe), and publish them. Less work for me, more tutorials for you! Everyone’s happy.

More information on how to contribute will come soon (if I don’t forget), but you can find the repository for the website on my GitHub. I do have a pretty high level of quality control though, so make sure you know what you’re doing in English and in Java before contributing.

Hopefully this will all help everybody to have a better experience with these tutorials! (Also, check out Beautiful Jekyll, it’s how I made the website–it made it a lot easier!)

Have a nice day!