Throughout my time learning to mod Minecraft, I’ve come across many different resources. Some are good and some are not; and sometimes, it’s hard to tell. The goal of this post is to make it a bit easier.

Official Forge Documentation

I have to start with the best resource of them all: the Forge docs. This is the official source to learn about Minecraft modding with Forge, and so it is absolutely reliable. It is also open source, and so it continues to grow and cover more of the Forge API.

Other Tutorials

The following links lead to various tutorials I’ve found over the years. These vary in style and in how updated they are; hopefully you can find one that suits you.

Shadowfacts’ tutorials - These have been updated to 1.12.2.

McJty’s tutorials - These have been updated to 1.12.2, and are very barebones but use good conventions.

Jabelar’s tutorials - These have only been partially updated to versions after 1.8, but they still do a good job of teaching concepts behind modding as well as explaining more specific, advanced topics.

Other Resources

Minecraft Forge Forums - The Minecraft Forge forum dedicated to mod developers.

Official Forge Discord server - Official Minecraft Forge Discord server.

MMD Discord Server - A huge community of Minecraft modders.

That’s it for this post! If you know of any other good sources, comment below and I’ll take a look!